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… in honour of Jesus: ultimate reality, grace unlimited

About this site and its owner

Inn, Mandrogy village, Russia

About this site ...

Welcome to my small stake in cyberspace called Full of Grace and Truth, in honour of Jesus Christ whom John described in those words (John 1:14). I am privileged to be among those people called Christians who declare Jesus the central character of history, the source of life and the reason for being. He is ultimately real (Truth), as no one and nothing else is, and yet through his saving death and resurrection no one is beyond the scope of his gracious invitation to eternal fellowship with God.

This is a freshened-up version of a site I established more than a decade ago for two purposes - to share through the written word, with whoever may care to ‘listen’, my perhaps doubtful wisdom on life, the world and God, and to make my audio sermons available mainly to  whichever church congregation I may be serving. This 'new' site continues in similar manner, though in the new circumstances of  retirement.

I’ve never consulted a geneticist to ask; but I suspect creative writing must be in my family genes somehow. My grandfather was an accomplished author and journalist; his father was owner-editor of a newspaper; and my daughter is a Media & Communications professional. I wrote poetry as a child, then stopped entirely (probably with the male machoism of puberty). The writing gift has been rekindled spontaneously in the past decade or so, which I attribute to God’s Spirit.

About me:

Age 64, husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, retired Anglican minister. Recently concluded formal ministry as a pastor, now launching into the "retired" phase of life. Preacher, teacher, mentor, story sharer, encourager, facilitator, team player. Recently relocated

from the lovely rural community of Cooma, to the equally lovely town of Crookwell in farming country a little west of Goulburn, in the southern part of the eastern Australian state of New South Wales.

Lance Lawton

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