a meme like a rose in the right frame

A meme in any other frame wouldn’t spell as neat

Monday 11 March 2024 1:01 PM

A year ago I wrote a piece about the social media phenomenon known as “meme”. Since then I’ve found myself sharing it often enough that I think it might be time for a highly condensed version; the original being decidedly unmeme at nearly 1500 words. Ironic? Yes.

So for the tl;dr busy, here it is:

A meme gets a 🤙 from me if it clearly makes a single point¹.

That’ll do. Read the tl;dr version if interested

¹ Implicit in that is that the single point it makes may be one strand of a much larger subject, and/or prompt thoughts about other subjects entirely. But the meme creator was concerned only with the one point.