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Your all Greek future

Thursday 27 July 2023 10:47 PM


Are you feeling depressed because you're already 40+ and still can't s speak a word of a language other than English?

Well don't despair or become down 'earted. There is still hope even for you. Just wait another 20-odd years until you're say about 64. The Beetles Song they sing for your birthday may be in boring same old English. But you will already be well on the way to acquiring a comprehensive vocabulary of the Greek language.

You will be a bilingual master by the time the Dermatologist has referred you to the Rheumatologist who has referred you to the Haematologist, who has referred you to the Radiologist, who sends you back to the Haematologist, who sends you back to the Dermatologist. See, you even get the opportunity for revision along the way. How cool is that?

Or alternatively the Rheumatologist might refer you to the Respiratory Physician who refers you to the Cardiologist who refers you to the Immunologist, who refers you to the, umm ... I'll get back to you 

And folks from what I hear, this Greek linguistic fluency only gets better the longer you cling to this mortal coil. I just can't wait till I'm 84 when I should be a shoe-in as the next Australian Ambassador in Athens. Provided my Gerontologist comes with me and I still know who s/he is.