red penguins ruling the world

The Red Penguins

Friday 3 November 2023 10:02 AM

So you go on the internet and "do some research". And in the course of said "research", you listen to a positively revelatory series of three YouTube videos in which Dr Hermann von Apfelberger (or someone with similarly awe-inspiring name and title) tells you how the UN headquarters in New York is actually a hologram (so not real), and the real HQ is in a labyrinth of bunkers deep beneath the South Pole, and all the UN leaders are actually members of a communist cabal of penguins who've been controlling the world's governments and the lamestream media for 40 years, and drugging the rest of us through the world's water supplies.
Now that you know this, everything starts to make sense. Most people have no idea "what's really going on". But you know "the truth", and so do the other people who've listened to Dr Apfelberger. And because you all know the truth, you're not going to take it anymore. You won't be daunted by the taunts from most people who tell you you've been sucked in by a bunch of conspiracy theories. Of course they think that. They're all sheeple who haven't done their "research".
Still it does get wearing after a while, being ridiculed for following "the truth". And that's why there's a new spring in your step when scholarly sounding articles full of footnotes and hyperlinks start appearing in the "truth" media you've learned to trust. Article after article provides real evidence (like numbers and actual graphs) confirming Dr Apfelberger's thesis and verifying the long-term corruption of the world's water systems. All of it proof positive that the so-called "conspiracy theories" were real all along. Of course the lamestream media never mention those studies, do they? Oh no! What more proof could you need that it's "the truth"?
So surely, one day there'll be a great awakening, when everyone will see "the truth".

There is another way to understand these events. Not the same adrenalin rush, but still ... Dr Apfelberger's theses actually were just conspiracy theories. And you believed them. The scholarly articles with all their footnotes, graphs and hyperlinks told you that the claims were now proven. And you believed them.