covid politics and science

The pandemic, the politics and the science

Sunday, 27 March 2022 6:17 pm

I’ve just watched this podcast episode, having listened to another of the same series a few days ago. I think I like this ZDoggMD guy. He and his channel are a new thing to me, but clearly not to his half-million subscribers after 5 years. (He now has one more from Oz). In fact he seems to be something of an online celebrity in a doctory kind of way. He’s a champion of vaccine science and a critic of the health system at all levels. He speaks naturally to the US context which is very different from Australia. But I’m getting a lot of transferable insights. And after all Covid is Covid and the vaccines are the vaccines. 

What I appreciated about this episode was thoughtful analysis both of the science of the Coronavirus and  vaccines and of the way it all plays out politically. Intelligent critique of public health management and shifting political trends, while anchored in science as a dependable foundation and impassioned by medicine's care for the sick and vulnerable. In some senses a US version of our own ABC’s Coronacast. If you have friends in then antivax space, you might find a lot of helpful material here.