myths about the electric vehice future

Charged with myths

Saturday 29 October 2022 3:36 PM

So climate science misinformation has very belatedly fallen on hard times. But this is but a new opportunity for vested interests and libertarian ideologues. The denial focus now shifts from science to economics and renewable technology.

So your Uncle Bert who's always got his "facts" from the Murdoch media or conspiracy blogs will now be going a bit quiet on "climate is always changing" and "they said we'd have an ice age in 1970", in favour of conspiracy theories and cherry-picks about how the renewable technology governments are adopting is all the wrong and worst kind, so let's burn coal another 40 years while we find the right technology.

And so to Electric Vehicles climbing the misinformation charts. Underdeveloped technology is maybe the biggest, broadest and juiciest one. From my general observation, the favoured methodology is presenting the state of technological play as if it were fixed in time like maybe 20 years ago or at least right now at worst. That way you can predict all manner of disasters on our doorstep with blackouts and third world conditions assured. We'll never get there in time. It's not fit for purpose. Etc. 

The flaw with that line? Simply that technological development is moving exponentially around the world as it has being doing across multiple fields since at least 1700. And nothing but nothing is being spared in this technology we depend on. There's now much more possible than five years ago, ten years etc. And there's much more to come. Capacity right now, let alone last decade, is no predictor of the future.

Here is but one good source for dispelling some favoured myths. There are plenty more. Just search something like "EV misinformation debunked" after Uncle Bert's latest lecture