australian republic

An island, a king, and a true blue republic

Monday 24 January 2022 3:07 PM

English island seeks a landlord-king who likes solitude, seals and beer

Well how's that for quaint English eccentricity? And how timely too as the republican dream gets another run in the newspapers of Oz. I reckon it might just provide the missing piece in my long forgotten solution. Where would King Bluey live?

"King Bluey?" do you ask? See here for the answer. Well now let us take the lead from the Piel Island tradition. King Bluey and his royal Aussie successors shall live in a pub on Macquarie Island. It ticks every box surely. Lots of history, bracing climate, miles from everywhere. And we get to ignore our Head of State, just as we do our current monarch, every day of the year except Australia Day and the Boxing Day Test. 

Long live the Republic! Up there Cazaly!