Top-up no dropoff

Friday 3 August 2012 4:53 AM

A glance at my tag cloud indicates what rich blogging fodder Myki has provided over the past few years; a fact we of the blogosphere are thankful for (when we have nowhere to go). Here continues the story of the auto top-up that doesn't work, has never worked, and yet eludes all attempts at annihilation. In the last amazing Myki episode, I promised further gnostic revelations on the theme. Well, beloved readers, Myki has not disappointed me and thus I have not disappointed you. To recap and continue  …
  • Stardate July 10th - clicked the 'cancel' button on the Myki screen.
  • Stardate July 21st (several light years later, I'm sure) - successful though challenging contact with Myki HQ. Advised to touch the card on a machine to complete cancellation.
  • Stardate last Tuesday (further light years having elapsed) - docked the Myki card at the big blue mother ship at Werribee Train Station.
  • Wednesday pm - logged on to Myki screen, finding no evidence of cancellation. Contacted HQ again. Advised that the 'completion' may take up to 24 hours to appear. Would certainly be done and dusted by day's end.
  • Today - no change after 72 hours. Back to HQ. Myki underling referred me to a slightly higher Myki mate, with assurance of attention. SHMM provides me with a case number!!  Initial loud cheers from out here in the galaxy …
Stay tuned for the next thrilling Myki adventure, when someone else from Myki HQ will I believe call me back to address my case. Within 48 hours, I'm told. Fortunately I won't be travelling.