A neglected gift

Saturday 21 July 2012 10:59 AM

Last night I discovered my daughter’s hidden blog, to which she has clearly posted rather erratically. That fact, together with many of the blogged ruminations themselves, is ample evidence of the old proverb ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’. I'm prepared to risk my daughter coming upon this post, thereby revealing the truth that I've kind of stalked her online. After all, if she did find this post, I'm sure a first year law student could argue that she stalked me. And besides, her blog makes the occasional reference to me. So it’s only just. (And she can hardly unfriend me on my own blog, now can she? Hmm? Yes you see, there’s no answer to that one, is there?) [Rationalising digression ended.] 

It seems my daughter and I share quite a bit, maybe more than either of us would wish. The family line is glutted with the writing gift. Authors and journalists abound. She and I love writing. We also love procrastination, clearly. Perhaps ‘love’ is the wrong word. No procrastinator takes extended delight in their repeated dilly-dallying and certainly not in the resultant missed opportunities. But however one may spin it, we clearly share the capacity to identify endless distractions to attend to ahead of the task at hand, even if the task is something we enjoy, such as writing. So we have in common sorely neglected blogs, punctuated by spasmodic short-lived resolutions of sedulity. Herein is my latest resolve to write more, allowing due passage to the branch of God’s creative spirit most evident in me. Being between ministries there should be no excuse for laxity. But then again, there are so many tantalising possibilities for … well, anything really … I'll be back.