Skipping all stations

Friday 25 May 2012 1:41 AM

Metro's strategy of "altered" services should be applauded as the stroke of sheer strategic genius that it is. And the lift in performance bonuses isn't the half of it. The possibilities for efficiency enhancement are nearly without limit. Think about it. Skip one station .. two .. three .. twelve, and the resultant timetable Nirvana will have even Thomas and the Fat Controller grinning. Not only that, but crowded carriages will be a thing of the past too. With such reduced probability of the train stopping at any given station on the network, fewer people will gather on platforms. That means fewer complaints about Myki … and fewer police needed at Richmond Station on Grand Final Day. Some services could even finish up early, which would logically lift bonuses exponentially. 

Of course, road rage could increase somewhat. But hey, that's a different department ...