Friday 6 August 2010 5:28 AM

It's still not too late to save Election 2010 from total failure as a source of all-age family entertainment. The solution lies in the animal kingdom. Why has no one considered a more prominent role for the worm than the humdrum of listening to a rare and forgettable TV debate? If an Octopus with a yawn of a name like 'Paul' can attain stardom by predicting football results, what might be possible for a worm named 'Bob' (no less exciting than 'Paul', surely) predicting a federal election outcome? Who needs the likes of the ABC's Anthony Green?

And then there's the unsolved mystery of the ALP leaks. Someone should check out Bob's alibi on that one. A whole weekend's reading right there.

Then there's the ubiquitous Mister Rabbit, who has Julia so rattled. Alice to the rescue. The real question: Is it really the White Rabbit, or could it be the March Hare?