A job well done

Thursday 6 August 2009 6:54 AM

I can only contemplate how dull this past week could have been if Mr & Mrs Grech had been so unimaginative as to name their son "Gary" or "Greg" (or even worse ... "Kevin", for instance). But bless their souls, they too played their part in what has been, nay still is, one of the more entertaining spells in the history of Australian public life and media analysis.

But many are the contributors, each deserving credit. John Grant for giving Kev the ute. Wayne Swan for still using a fax. Malcolm Turnbull for letting the ABC into his office. Godwin Grech and the Auditor-General through whose coordinated timing one day's news became at least three. Senator Abetz for sticking to the script, and then using the 'S' word so movingly. Peter Costello for yielding to temptation.

And still ahead lies the dramatic countdown to Senator Fielding and the privileges committee. All this and so much more. A sterling Westminster drama progressively unfolding on everyone's LCD. We the intrigued and spellbound populace salute you all. Never again will we declare politics boring.