Call it quits

Saturday 28 March 2009 3:04 PM

I shan't pretend to understand the economic or national security implications of the Defence Minister's friendships. Such things are far too wonderful for me. But lately democracy seems to have degenerated into something far from wonderful for any of us. By all means let's set high standards of transparency and accountability for those entrusted with weighty responsibility. But for goodness sake, can we include some humanity and realism as well.

When did we decide that the human beings who represent us should be infallible? And when did we decide that those who prove otherwise should resign or be dumped? Australians are tiring of governments setting unrealistic standards and then trying to duck the consequences, and we are positively worn out with oppositions baying for blood over every breach. So how about it, Kev and Mal? Let's call it quits. Let's just admit that we all miss the mark occasionally, and let's put an end to the political frenzy over every slip. Let's reserve the sackings and lynchings for the truly corrupt and dangerous. Then maybe we can all get on with what actually matters.