Have a bunny holiday

Friday 21 March 2008 5:47 AM

Brave man, Dr John Evans (The Age, 20/3). Very brave! Knock off Good Friday as an Aussie public holiday? If I were you, I'd lie low for a few months and get a new deadlock. And a few humble apologies to the AFL, Cadbury, Fosters and Channel 7, to name a few. How dare you challenge the nation's greatest religious festival? No, no, not Easter, silly! The Feast of the Egg-Laying Bunny. A truly sacred four-days for every Australian. As lost causes go, you've picked the big one. Reduce the longest long-weekend of the year to the length of all the others? (And remember, once upon a time it was five days.) What about the fishing? The family camping holidays? The feast of sport on the telly? The slabs in the fridge? The rabbit parties? All those hollow chocolate eggs to get through? And the cute fluffy bunny who has to make all the deliveries?

No, Sir. You go too far. The high priests of the long weekend will not allow such wanton iconoclasm. Now if it was just a Christian holy day, well that'd be different.