Cheers for Johnny

Thursday 20 March 2008 9:45 AM

It's time those carping lefties gave Johnny a break. Does no one appreciate the great service that one man rendered to the nation? I defy anyone to identify an Australian public figure in the past generation who has contributed more to the refinement of the political cartoons, which daily greet the eyes of the nation over breakfast. Not even the digital dexterity of Warnie could produce such art. Now nothing against Kev, mind you. But I mean honestly ... Between the sickening altruism, the Mandarin diplomacy, the industrial fairness, the concern for the marginalised, the prospect of decent education funding, and worst of all the most generic face ever to grace the dispatch box .. Crikey, there's nothing left to doodle about. Spare a thought for poor old Leunig and Tandberg. The poor blokes must be positively somnolent. I'm lucky if I'm still awake to finish my weeties.

No, there's just no one like our Johnny. Non-core promises, the Pacific solution, effusive Bushophilia, Work Choices, interesting tracksuits, prolific eyebrows, and the most doodled jawline in the developed world. We just didn't know when we were well off. Welcome back, Johnny. Keep speaking. And don't forget that smile.