Tarred with a broad brush

Friday 13 April 2007 12:13 AM

According to various correspondents (Letters, 13/4) Kevin Rudd has now revealed his true colours as a gutless Howard clone like all the rest. The Opposition Leader, apparently, has 'defended' or even 'endorsed' Alan Jones' inflammatory xenophobic on-air remarks. Really?! On this foundation, Ken Peak manages to conclude that a Rudd government would perpetrate every red-necked sin in the book. All this on the strength of Mr Rudd's one response to a specific line of questioning in a radio interview. Now I'll admit to being a person who misses some veiled subtleties in human communication. But all I heard the man say was that thus far he had no cause to refuse an appearance on Jones' programme. Have we reached another stage in the onward march of political correctness? Last I remember, it was entirely possible to converse with someone you disagree with, without thereby endorsing their views or behaviour. Heavens, if we keep up this line parliamentary question time will end forever. Who'll entertain us then? I think I'll watch who I sip my latte with in future.