Toxic waste - the international solution

Saturday 22 May 2004 12:49 PM

Toxic waste? What a conundrum! Put it in a paddock? The cockys are upset. A forest? The greenies are upset. My backyard? I'm upset. Anywhere else? Don't ask! (And Mr Doyle gets another free kick). What to do? I came up with the international solution, while sipping a latte this morning. I'm amazed no one's thought of it. Why not a Waste Repatriation Treaty with the French? I rather fancy they have some spare real estate in the South Pacific, in spitting distance of our shores, and ideally suited to the purpose. Everyone could be a winner (including the French). No 'nimby' effect at the polls. No local residents to complain. No tourist economy to jeopardise (despite the stunning sunsets). We could probably afford a few bob a week in rent. Not much, I know; but I bet it's more than they make on it now. Even the Greens shouldn't complain too much. Further environmental degradation of that atoll would be impossible.