Saved from the truth?

Tuesday 18 May 2004 12:48 PM

The US, British and Australian governments have certainly been selective in their reporting and reinterpreting of events, in relation to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. But they may not have a monopoly on such bias. A recent BBC poll of 6000 Iraqis appears to lend some weight to the perspective that the great majority of Iraqi citizens have an overall positive hindsight view of these events, and of the future prospects arising. Why is it then that these findings have barely rated a mention in the media generally? I am among the many Australians who have consistently opposed the position of the three coalition governments throughout this ordeal, and have felt a sense of shame at what has been done in my name. But that said, it would be no service to thinking Australians if our media were even half-consciously filtering what is reported, in order to support a perspective. Truth doesn't need propping up. I'd rather wrestle with ambiguity than be shielded from it.