The God who is real

Friday 31 December 2004 9:51 PM

It is entirely appropriate, especially at such a time as this, that a range of views and reflections appear in your pages as to the character and activity of God. Whilst all these perspectives merit respect, a bald assertion such as Shirley Gunson's (Letters, 1/1) must not go unchallenged. Ms Gunson does not offer a profile for a "reputable theologian". However she and your readers can be assured that there is no shortage of scholarly Christian thinkers who view God as far more than some fluffy metaphor for human benevolence. The God of the Bible is still confessed and worshipped today by growing millions as personal, substantial and active in human affairs. A "God" who is merely a euphemism for our best efforts offers neither comfort nor hope to a hurting and shell-shocked world.