Time to grow up

Tuesday 25 February 2003 11:33 AM

Shane Warne's actions may speak unflatteringly of him. Thoughtless? Vain? Self-absorbed? All the above? Perhaps. But the sanctimonious frenzy of some of the commentary might just say something unpalatable about the Australian sport-watching public. If the US builds its corporate sense of self-worth on its military muscle, Australia does the same with sporting dominance generally, with cricket arguably the flag-bearer. We build altars to our heroes when they excel in our name - but many of us kick them mercilessly when they hit the dust. Maybe it is time Warne grew up (let's remember Ricky Ponting, whose own off-field behaviour once had his captaincy prospects consigned to history - along with Warne's). And maybe it's time some of us did, too.